Posted Date: June 13, 2020

A professional who can understand all aspects of a company's business so that it can produce a product with good quality, as well as the business strategy of the product.

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

Responsibitilies : Responsible for product planning and product design of overseas credit core business (front end, middle and back end) and innovative business; Plan the project, control the progress of the project, coordinate the resources of all parties, and promote the implementation of the project; Cross-departmental coordination and communication, promoting close cooperation among business, r&d and operation personnel, and responsible for tracking the progress of product development, testing and launch; Responsible for the research on the development trend of products in the industry, studied the development trend of the industry, competitors and products, and promoted the implementation of corresponding products; Track and study the daily data, regularly analyze the product launch effect, master the platform operation status, and constantly improve the product;


Requirements : more than 3 years product design experience, experience in Internet finance industry is preferred Have complete product or multiple independent business module product design experience, able to independently carry out product design and promote the implementation Excellent product design ability, document writing ability and project management ability


Strong self-drive, sense of responsibility, execution, good coordination and communication skills;




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