Jatis Mobile

PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia(Jatis Mobile) was established in 2003 in order to answer the challenge of the significant growth of mobile solutions demand in across industries and since 2014 Jatis Mobile become a member of Indivara Group Company. Our mobile solutions covers various business process which could enable companies to have an easier way to manage their daily operations. Our business covers various industries, those industries are financial services, retail distribusions, consumer goods, transportations, automotive, merchant business and telecommunication industries we also have a good partnership with major bank along with their products such as credit card, debit, card, retail banking. Our company developing application across platforms, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, BREW, Windows Phone, Symbian, adn others. In addition to that, we have been in partnership with all telecom operators in Indonesia both CDMA and GSM.

Profile Perusahaan

Perusahaan Bergerak dibidang : Teknologi Informatika (IT)
Jumlah Karyawan : 101 - 500
Alamat : Graha Orange Tower B 2nd Floor Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 3 - Jakarta Selatan 12790
Jakarta Selatan
Website : https://jatismobile.com

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