Posted Date: July 29, 2022

Create architectural designs in the form of pictures and / or informative mock ups both by hand and by using a timed-agreed software design Make adjustments to the design according to your needs and solve any problems that may arise during the project while still considering the budget Visit to building sites, proposed locations and client meetings "Cooperate and coordinate with other consulting professionals regarding the feasibility and technical matters of a project until the project handover and retention period ends”

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

provide and propose ideas and opinions from a professional side for a better, more efficient and dynamic work process Documenting notes on project decisions in the form of pictures, mock ups, changes, prices, and others on the project Storage of bamboo models and carry out regular maintenance Record and store detailed data on bamboo mock ups made Prepare internal administrative documents to support work flow


Creativity and imagination, an eye for design, technical and construction matters, including colour, and good 3D awareness, the ability to visualise concepts and explain them to others, excellent sketching and communication skills Industry standard computer skills/knowledge. Proficient in bamboo structural model making, Ability to work on a project-by-project basis that are driven by a planned and consistent schedule. Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and efficiently. Proficient in the design and technical fields and have an understanding of the principles of design/construction and be able to apply it. Excellent organisational, research and planning skills. Excellent people and team building and encouraging skills in the design, studio and project site environments An interest in changing trends in design and construction, especially in the bamboo world


Model Maker & AUTO CAD





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