PT Rate Teknologi Indonesia

Founded in 2019, RateS is Indonesia’s mobile-first social commerce platform. We pioneer a unique factory-to-consumer model that leverages the power of social networks for recommendation-based commerce. We source for high-quality products directly from suppliers and connect them with resellers who help to sell these products to their networks and communities. We build tools and capabilities that enable anyone to start selling within minutes. These include centralized inventory, social sharing, cross-border logistics, payment collections, customer service. We are passionate about thinking big and solving complex problems, improving the lives of millions of Indonesian housewives and students - by providing them the tools to earn an additional income.

Profile Perusahaan

Perusahaan Bergerak dibidang : Teknologi Informatika (IT)
Jumlah Karyawan : 1 - 50
Alamat : Jalan Iskandarsyah Raya Nomer 1 Melawai Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta Selatan
Website :

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