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Adiraja Integrasi is an IT Management Consulting company focused on Enterprise Software & Technology provision to our customers. Adiraja has accumulated experiences in delivering services both locally & globally with various types of organizations & industries. Some of our projects implementation done in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, & Australia. Forewords Nowadays we are entering digital era or also known 4.0 industry where technology plays vital role to help organization and business to be more competitive in the long-run. We believe that even a small investment of a technology or system must be laid on a big picture of running business in the future where a fundamental policy and principles have to be the guideline. As the expert on enterprise business system, we are committed to deliver a long-term business solution that is grounded on these 5 principles CQFLT: o COMPETITIVENESS o QUALITY o FLEXIBILITY o LONG-TERM o TOTALITY

Profile Perusahaan

Perusahaan Bergerak dibidang : Teknologi Informatika (IT)
Jumlah Karyawan : 1 - 50
Alamat : Jl. Kayu Putih Empat No.43c, RT.1/RW.6, Pulo Gadung, Kec. Pulo Gadung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13260
Jakarta Timur
Website :

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