Posted Date: August 1, 2022

Volunteer Globally from your home. Whether an hour a month or an hour a day, whether experienced or new; your help is needed. Meet many people from diverse cultures and socio- economic backgrounds globally, while helping children seeking a brighter future.  

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

We have four active divisions needing online volunteers from around the globe helping these teams, while learning valuable life skills. Visit our website to apply.     A. 🟨 HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION   πŸ”² Application Processing & Interviewing πŸ”² Applicant Team Placement & Training     B. 🟩 FINANCE & FUNDRAISING DIVISION   πŸ”² International Finance πŸ”² Sponsor & Donor Relations πŸ”² Fundraising Team πŸ”² Grant Writing Team   C. 🟦 ONLINE MENTORS & EDUCATION Division.   πŸ”² MENTOR TEAM πŸ”² Class & Online Curriculum ( includes Teaching training for online) πŸ”² Center Reports Monthly πŸ”² Awards Certificates πŸ”² Advisory board members   D. πŸŸͺ MEDIA PR DIVISION   πŸ”² International Humanity Foundation (IHF) Website IT πŸ”² Social Media πŸ”² Public Relations πŸ”² Graphics πŸ”² Translation πŸ”² Volunteer Outreach (General Online Outreach Task Team, GOOTT) πŸ”² University Partnerships πŸ”² Newsletter πŸ”² Writing team ( Articles, Brochures, Instructions) πŸ”² Events ( In person and online)  








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