Posted Date: July 29, 2022

We are seeking a highly motivated and talented drafter with at least 3 years of Architecture & Interior Project experience, who excels in producing architectural and interior technical drawings and coordination on specific projects. We require advanced design sensibility along with logical and experienced structural knowledge and technical drafting skills. The role will contribute to general design work across projects as well as focused test-fitting and diligence work in some cases.

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

Developing architectural and interior drawings in all phases of the design process. Read and interpret design drawings to create technical drawings. Create and provide informative 2D drawings. Create and provide 3D visualizations. Provide Interior/Architecture presentations. Review drawings from external consultants to see the accuracy between architectural drawings and other design principles. Collaborate with internal teams to develop the best solutions. Assisting principal to create an innovative creative standard for Drafting. Assisting principal to create and administer the company archive.


Experienced in drawing, creative, hard worker


Hand Drawing, Sketch Drawing, 2D& 3D Drawing




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