Posted Date: January 29, 2020

Consulting with the landscape architect, and meeting with clients, nursery personnel, and other garden workers to clarify any points of interest Also required to prepare the grounds prior to planting seeds or young plants.

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

Evaluating Pre Design Results Checking Design Results Developing the Design Check the Implementation Documents that have been compiled Conduct Periodic Surveillance Maintain a good communication with the clients and office


Candidate Must Possess at least diploma in art, design creative, multimedia or equivalent A Minimum of 3 years working experience in the related field is mandatory Prerequisite : visual merchandising, f&b, design, sourcing English is a must Has a good professional manner, flexible and adaptable Very enthusiastic and has a positive outlook towards life Fast learner Good communication skills Own a transportation An excellent team worker and capable to work with other Knowledge in landscape design is preferred


Design and implement creative visual décor aligned with the guidelines from principals Artistic skills of computer-aided design (CAD) packages, such as AUTOCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Illustrator, etc. to support and create the best visuals and plans for the stores


Minimal 3 Tahun


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