Posted Date: July 28, 2022

Volunteer Globally from your home. Whether an hour a month or an hour a day, whether experienced or new; your help is needed. Meet many people from diverse cultures and socio- economic backgrounds globally, while helping children seeking a brighter future.    We have four active divisions needing online volunteers from around the globe helping these teams, while learning valuable life skills.    To Apply Please visit our website at: /volunteer-application-form/    ) 🟨HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION   🔲Application Processing (A 🔲Applicant Interviews 🔲 IHF Calendar 🔲 Applicant Team Placement & Training 🔲 Applicant Visa’s, Contracts   (B) 🟩FINANCE DIVISION   🔲 International Finance 🔲Kenya Finance 🔲Indonesia Finance  🔲 Sponsor& Donor Processing 🔲 Sponsor& Donor Relations  🔲Fundraising Team 🔲Grantwriting Team 🔲Annual report    (C) 🟦Education & Administration Division.  🔲MENTOR TEAM ( works closely with Education Teams) helps find mentor in career goals of child or schooling or as a friend) 🔲Class & Online Curriculum  ( includes Teaching training for online And/OR  in person   🔲 Children Files  🔲Environmental & Engineering & Agricultural project G   🔲 Agriculture, livestock & Business self sufficiency  🔲 Health & Safety 🔲Legal Team  🔲Board member 🔲 Advisory board member 🔲Center Reports Monthly 🔲Awards&Certificates   ( D) 🟪MEDIA PR DIVISION 🔲Media  🔲Public Relations  🔲Graphics  🔲Translation 🔲 Volunteer Outreach ( Goot) 🔲 University Partnerships 🔲 IHF Website IT 🔲 Social Media  🔲 Newsletter  🔲 Writing team ( Articles, Brochures, Instructions) 🔲 Events ( In person and online)

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