PT. Prima Niaga Mandiri

INFORMASI PERUSAHAAN Core business Lautan Permata Group (LPG) was initially engraved from ownership of palm oil plantation in hundred of hectares areas. In pursue with timing and hard efforts to preserve trust from our business partner and customer and also enlargement of plantation possession. LPG started to empower self management by establishment of strong business entity and develop several sister company in field implementation to oversee and maintain wider and harder market segmentation. Prima Niaga Mandiri Pvt Ltd (PT PNM) as one of LPG’s sister company was formed in the early of 2014 answering business marketer challenges in field of general trading. PNM product of aluminium foil High Tech Insulation with brand name of “POWER FOIL HI-TECH INSULATION” became comer stone of developing business scope. By combination of business rythm harmony in management and our fullheartedly to provide best service to our customer, our insulation “POWER FOIL HI-TECH INSULATION” product took short months gaining portion in market field and cummunity because provenly long life duration, echo friendly, creating better living through health improvement and also friendly market price. And also our sister company is PT Lautan Permata Sentosa. Due to customer’s demand facilitating one stop shopping. PT PNM develop new product of “POWER ROOF” after long research. “POWER ROOF” is an innovative roof made from UPVC (Unplascticized Polyvynil Chloride) enriched with UV Protection (Ultra Violet Protection) and Heat Stabilizer to protect factory, warehouse , medical production zone and housing from heat of sun refering POWER ROOF function. PNM Pvt Ltd also entering transportation business answering market tight and selected brand request by bringing “SUPERWAY” tyres specializes for huge tonage vehicles. “SUPERWAY” is a single brand in Indonesia. “SUPERWAY” tires is fully guaranteed strong, fit to all vehicle brands and also comfort for Indonesian many types of road. LPG believe our slogan “We Are The Best Chosen” and “Trust and Quality are Our Commitments” will always be placed in market and community’s heart.

Jumlah Karyawan : 1 - 50
Alamat : Jl. Pluit Selatan 1 No. 67/69 Kode Pos 14450. Pluit - Penjaringan Jakarta Utara
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