Google advertising delivery person in charge

Posted Date: October 31, 2019

PT.Thinksso Technology Development of a Company Engaged in Information Technology require some IT staff who are competent in their fields.

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

1.Analyze the target users who deliver the products, formulate the delivery strategy, and conduct overseas advertising on Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms; 2. Monitor the advertising data in real time, analyze and count the statistics, and adjust the delivery strategy in time to achieve the best advertising effect; 3. Analyze the material requirements of the target market, provide suggestions for the designer to produce materials, and make high conversion rate materials; 4. Regularly produce an advertisement account optimization case analysis report to summarize the optimization experience; 5. Arrange the daily business work of the department, Conduct and coordinate with each other; 6. Responsible for analyzing and supervising the business budget data of the group; 7. Leading the team to complete the established performance target (month) and timely adjusting the business direction;


1.Good at Facebook, Google and other overseas advertising, can independently analyze the data and effectively adjust the advertising; 2. Have a certain e-commerce or app overseas channel resources and marketing operation experience; 3. Have strong logical thinking, users with the same reason Heart, market sensitivity, rapid learning ability, sensitive data analysis awareness. 4. Agile thinking, high data sensitivity, meticulous data analysis skills, good at data analysis software such as excel; 5. English CET-6 or above, good English reading and writing ability. 6. Speaking mandarin will be more good


Really understand google advertising


2 year expirience


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