Lowongan Tutor Matchmaking Intern, Ruang Guru

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :


  • You will be working on one of the company’s biggest mission: helping students to find the best and most suitable tutors. We believe that education has to be personalized, hence the job of catering to the special needs of each students is an art. This position is for people with passion in operations management and communications as you will get to learn operations excellence in a dynamic startup environment. This position is suitable for anyone looking to learn about day-to-day business operations management which can be implemented in any industry/organization settings.

Syarat Pengalaman :

Final year students or fresh graduates

Kualifikasi :


  • Preferred background but not limited to: Business Administration, Management, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Social Science, Education.

Keahlian :

  • – Have strong passion in education and recruitment
  • – High initiative and able to work under pressure with minimum supervision

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