PT. Prima Dredge Teams is a company in tin mining industry. Our mining teams will be supporting our owned smelting facility that produced export grade of tin ingot. Our organization is expanding to be the leading players in tin industry.

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

1. Conduct employee payroll and taxation 2. Assisting manager in the day to day task 3. Design and implement organization structure 4. Job analysis and evaluation 5. Communicate and coordinate jobsite personel 6. Personel development and performance management


1. Female max age 30 2. Bachelor in Psychology or HRD (S1) 3. Fluent english (verbal and writing) 4. 1 year experience in related field 5. Knowldege in the field (labor law, payroll and tax) 6. Strong communicatin and interpersonal skill 7. Strong analytical and computer skil


Strong communicatin and interpersonal skill


1 year experience in related field


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