Posted Date: October 24, 2020

The rooms division manager is responsible for Executive Housekeeping and Front Office. He/she manages the general operation of the Front Office e.g. Reception, Reservations, Concierge, Switchboard and Night Management. In addition to the atmosphere conveyed by hotel reception halls, the appearance and daily work of the hotel receptionists are decisive for the immediate impression that hotels leave on their guests. Hotel receptionists and their team at the reception are not only the proverbial calling card of the respective hotel and are not only jointly responsible for the subjective well-being of the guests, but also for the objective satisfaction with the service of the hotel. Creating the basis for this is the primary concern of the rooms division manager.

Tangung Jawab Pekerjaan

The rooms division manager is not only responsible for the accommodation department with a focus on reception, but he ensures smooth processes and high compliance in terms of guest relation, housekeeping and reservation standards, for example in larger hotels. As a rooms division manager, you take over management responsibilities and lead the whole reception team. In addition, you are responsible for the deployment of personnel, so you need to make sure there is sufficient and competent personnel to guarantee the satisfaction of the guests. You also have to train your staff in terms of special guests, for example foreign business people or celebrities, if you are working in a large or international hotel. Other spheres of responsibility include for example planning of budgets and personnel, strong cooperation with the sales department, organization of department trainings, coordination of the service and vacation planning, monitoring the work of service personnel, hotel security, quality assurance and compliance in terms of special guidelines and hiring new employees.


The necessary requirements you have to fulfill to be a rooms division manager are a completed training in the hotel industry (this may also be a hotel management school degree), several years of professional experience in any front office area and good foreign language skills. In addition, very good manners are assumed. Furthermore, international experience and good IT knowledge are desirable, as you have to work with several programs to for example plan and prepare budgets and personnel.


To be able to fulfil these tasks in your job as a rooms division manager, the ability to work in a team and characteristics like flexibility and steadiness are indispensable. In addition, in this position and job, good assertiveness is very important, because giving tasks and instructions requires reliable implementation in order to maintain an overview of the processes.  


Min 2 Years Experience in same field


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