Lowongan Call Center Intern, Ruang Guru

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :


  • You will be in charge working with other operations team to manage customer service center (calls, in person, virtual chat, messaging, and other means of communications), preparing and manage the regular gathering/ events for teachers, students, parents, and general public and organizing feedback and review from the users and preparing the evaluations for follow up actions accordingly, conducting research and monitor legislation that could affect the organization in the present and the future, and also conducting both internal and external communication and prepare required materials to ensure meaningful collaboration among our stakeholders.

Syarat Pengalaman :

Final year students or fresh graduates

Kualifikasi :


  • – Final year students or fresh graduates
  • – Available to come to the office 5 days per week

Keahlian :

  • – Preferred background but not limited to: International Relations, Management, Public Administration, Political Science, Social Science.
  • – Passionate and interested to have a real experience in public policy, negotiation and public administrations from the lens of private sector.
  • – Good communication, detail oriented, ability to solve problem
  • – Have costumer service skill, negotiation skill, administrative & data management skill, and strong interpersonal skill

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